My Dreams can be so messed up!

I just woke up from a truly horrible dream.  It seemed to “happen” in two parts.  In part 1, I’m a teacher at a school, and my class is in the room.  Everyone has handed in some sort of envelope, and there’s another teacher in there.  The one envelope is laden with what looks like ketchup, and when I go to pull out the sheet inside, I have to be careful, because if I pull out the paper wrong, the ketchup smeared on the inside will wreck the paper I’m trying to pull out.  I manage to pull out the paper, but I’m very angry.  I yell at the student, but he just walks away as if he’s accomplished a great feat.  The other teacher is in the room, and he laughs.  I yell at both of them, asking them if this is how he teaches his students to be respectful, then he’s failing miserably.

Cue to part two.

I’m in the same kind of room in this school.  There are elders showing us a film.  This time my daughter is there, with her educational aide.  My other daughter is there as well.  The EA says something to me that makes me very angry – something about asking my daughter (the one she’s helping) to find something, and her instructions are very complicated, so of course my daughter isn’t able to complete the task.  When she says this, she’s grinning like she’s done something amazing.  I grow irate.  I yell at her that she will never be around my daughter again.  I storm out into the hallway looking for the principal.  This EA follows me out, because I yell at her to get away from my child and she will never teach my kid again.  I’m pacing up and down this hallway waiting for the principal to show up.  People try to calm me down, but it doesn’t work.  I just become more angry.

I move in bed, and the dream is gone.

I’m not unhappy about that.

What the hell was all that???  I know a lot of my dreams are weird, strange, even unsettling at times.  This dream takes the cake, though.  Why did I dream it?  Was it because of the junk food I’d eaten the night before?  Was my subconscious trying to tell me something?  What the hell is it all about??  I have no answers for any of these questions.  I’m just glad to be up and not dreaming that.  That being said, I’ve only gotten about 5 hours sleep, and I’d like to go to back to bed without worrying about weird dreams.  I’m reluctant to go, though.  I have, on occasion, been able to go back into a dream, to “finish it up”.  This is one dream I don’t know if I want to finish, however.  Yet I feel conflicted about not going back and finishing it because I have all these questions.

I think this dream is going to bother me today.


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